Kaufmann Friedrich 3 Gustav - Kilo Fox(trot) 3 Gulf - Keeping For 3 Good

Former CallSigns:
WB3JYV [ Technician (5 wpm) ], N3AJF [ General (13 wpm) ], and KB3CW [ Advanced / Extra (20 wpm) ]

'Baby' - our beloved resting Family Member:

Slim Jim
[ Copper Tubing ]
Slim Jim
[ 300 Ω Twin Lead ]
2 meter J Pole
[ Aluminum Tubing ]

3 Element Yagi Antenna Simulation
Waves: Red TX, Teal Reflector, Blue Director

Contests Links :
WA7BNM - 8 Day Contest Calendar.                    WA7BNM - Contest Calendar Home Page.

General Purpose:
CW Aids
The EIR (IRE) of PIE
Emissions Designators
Solar Information
Scaled or Large Format

FCC Amateur Radio
Search Link
U.S. 60 Meter
Band Allocations
Get your Amateur Radio
License first, fallacy.
UTC Time verses US and
European Standard / Daylight Times

US Amateur Radio License
renewal Link
Find FCC FRN, edit FCC
PSQ, generate or reset
Password, or edit FCC
FRN Account Link

Helpful Articles and Demonstrations:
Simplistic Explaination and
Demonstration of
Skin Effect and RF Burns
Visual Demonstration of
Standing Wave Ratio, SWR
Similiarities of Wave Behavior
The Arc(h) Transmitter
[Poulsen Arc]
and the Titanic

'Kathy Loves Physics'
Amplifier biasing:
'Common Emitter', 'Common Base',
and 'Emitter Follower'.
A brief
'Field Effect Transistor'

Understanding a
'Metal Oxide Semiconductor FET'
An excellent simplistic Tutorial on ...
How does an Antenna work?

Questions - you may not want to view, or solve.

Radio, & Accessories, specific:
WA2IHE 01.1990 Ham Radio
Simple EEPROM Programmer Article (1.1 MB) '.pdf' File
Astron VM-70 Neon
Bulbs to LEDs
Baofeng UV-5R
Repeater and Simplex
programmming Examples
2.9 MB '.pdf' File Link
D104 Microphone to
Kenwood TMD-700 Radio

Kenwood TS-590S to
AL-80 / 82 Interface Cable
A Fast Circuit Breaker
Bencher Paddles Wiring
Fox Hunt Controller

Icom IC-91AD to Signalink
USB Interface
[TS-2000/X configured]
Icom IC-208H
Cloning Cable
Icom IC-208H Repeater
Setup Procedure
Icom IC-208H Simplex
Setup Procedure

Icom IC-228A Repeater
Setup Procedure
TenTec Jupiter to Turtle
Beach x42 Headphones
Connection Solution
TenTec 254 Manual
Tuner [ Partially completed ]
Uniden AMX 105A

WF7M Key Homebrew
Iambic Key
Yaesu FT-2900R to
MFJ-1270X Packet Cable
Yaesu FT-7800R to
Signalink USB Interface
[TenTec Jupiter configured]
Yaesu FT-7900R
Repeater Setup Procedure

Yaesu FTDX-1200
Memory Remote
[A Subset of FH-2 Features]
Yaesu SP-2000 Speaker
Frequency Responses
Yaesu VX-150 to Spkr/Mic or Signalink USB Interface
[FT-857 configured]
ALS-600(S) Relay Replacement

Software & Website Utilities:
AppleScript Code Samples
Configuring Mac FLDIGI
to auto-launch FLMSG
Downloading FLDIGI
from SourceForge.net
[W1HKJ has been hacked]
On-line 'djvu' to 'pdf'
File Converter
Python Code Samples
Latest Copy of CHIRP
[Radio Programming Software]

Fußball Weltmeisterschaft
Bells and Whistles
Stainless Steel Tea Kettle
Repaired given
Microwave Oven

RJ-10, RJ-11, RJ-12, and RJ-45
Male Pins Assignments
3 Rail Train Detection
Samsung Gas Oven turns ON
in presence of HF transmits.

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