FTDX-1200 Memory Remote

Yaesu offers a Wired Remote Keypad, FH-2, for a number of its Amateur Radio Transceivers. The FH-2 allows one to record up to five (5) CW Messages, up to five (5) Voice Messages with the optional Digital Voice Recorder, DVS-6, Transceiver Frequency control, and Function control.
I am only interested in the CW Message capability; and thus, made the Memory Remote shown below.

Schematic Diagram:

Top View of Altoids based Memory Remote

Inside View of Memory Remote

Memory Remote and optional M1 Extension

For Field Day 2015 and later, I may set ...
M1 to 'CQ FD DE KF3G KF3G K'
M2 to '1A 1A 1A EPA EPA EPA KN'
M3 to 'TU DE KF3G SK'
M4 to '1A 1A 1A KN'
... as one Example.

A typical use Operating Session:
Step 01. Press M1 Button or optional M1 Extension Button, and wait for a response or press again.
Step 02. When a Callsign is heard - use Straight Key or Iambic Paddles to send received Callsign.
Step 03. Press M2 Button, and listen for Contacts Section and Class.
If asked to repeat Class, M4 Button would be pressed.
If asked to repeat Section, M5 Button would be pressed.
Step 04. Press M3 Button, wait, and return to Step 01 above.

One reason for the optional M1 Extension - is that it can be held by the Left Hand; the Thumb can transmit the 'CQ FD ...' Message, and the Fingers can be used for typing. Also, for me, M1's Button Message would be the most used Message.

By default, the FTDX-1200 Menus for M4 and M5 are set to 'TEXT'. To use M4 and M5 to store, and play back,
CW Messages - see the FTDX-1200 Operators Manual, Page 84, Section 'CW Convenience Features', Sub-Section
'Storing a Message Into Memory' to change Menu '030 CW MEMORY 4' and '031 CW MEMORY 5' from 'TEXT' to
To record a Message into a Memory Location - see the FTDX-1200 Operators Manual, Page 85, Section 'CW Convenience Features', Sub-Section' Message Memory Programming (Using your Paddle)', which is summarized below.
Step 01. Tap the MEM Button.
Step 02. Tap any M1 through M5 Button.
Step 03. Send the desired message.
Step 04. Tap the MEM Button.
To play a recorded Message:
Step 01. Tap the desired M1 through M5 Button.

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