IC-91AD to Signalink USB Configuration

A local fellow Amateur Radio Operator has a Signalink USB configured for a TS-2000; which he wants to connect the Signalink to a IC-91AD Handheld.

HM-31 Speaker / Microphone Schematic

Suggested IC-91AD to Signalink USB Cable Configuration

Option 01: RJ-45 Connection; and, Signalink USB with JP1 Jumper configured for TS-2000/X.

The Signalink USB Output Stage Schematic is based on a description in the Signalink USB User Manual.

Cable Construction Example

If the Enclosure is Metal, consider a Jumper from the 2.5mm and 3.5mm Cables Shields to the Enclosure.

Suggested IC-91AD to Signalink USB Jumper, and Cable Configuration

Option 02: RJ-45 Connection; and, Signalink USB, with a new, JP1 Jumper Configuration.

Cable Construction Example

For Illustrative purposes:
Below is a partial Drawing of the IC-91AD Microphone and PTT Input Stage, and Audio Output Stage.

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