On-line 'djvu' to 'pdf' File Converter

Step by Step Process:

Via your Web Browser - go to 'www.djvu-pdf.com', and click on the 'Choose File' Button.
Next, navigate to the '.djvu' File to be converted, to the 'pdf' File format.
Select the desired File to be converted, and then click on the 'Choose', or equivalent, Button.
The selected Files' name will appear, to the right of the 'Choose File' Button.
Click on the 'Convert' Button.
The selected File will be uploaded to the Website for processing.
For viewing the 'pdf' File on a Computer - select the 'Normal: Larger files with a better appearance' Radio Button, and ...
... then click on the 'Convert!' Button.
The Website Page will update, graphically displaying the File conversion process.
When the File conversion process is completed - the Websire Page will again update; click on the 'Click here!' Link to download the 'pdf' File.

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