Configuring Mac FLDIGI to auto-launch FLMSG

07 Aug. 2013

Listed below are Links to two (2) different ways one can configure FLDIGI to auto-launch FLMSG; where you want the current and future Releases of flmsg to include the Version Number in its Application Name.

[ Procedure 1 ] (Recommended)

12 Aug. 2013

Listed below is a Link showing how one can configure (once and only once) FLDIGI
to auto-launch FLMSG; regardless of any new, or future, Version of flmsg.

[ Procedure 3 ]
(Highly recommended for all fldigi, with flmsg, Macintosh Users)

Please read over the chosen Procedure, once or twice, to fully grasp the provided Steps.
Once performed, you should note how simple and quick the Procedure really is.

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